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Hear Testimonies From Patients

"Don't take it from me! Take it from my pleased patients!"

- Danielle Keldermans

Danielle’s expert, individualized care is second to none. Her superior knowledge is so very evident as she implements therapy.
"25 years of fun in the Military beat up my body, to the point I had to retire early. I had a very low comfort of living and functioning on a daily basis was challenging. Danielle has been working with me for about three years and I only wish I would have found her sooner! I have been to more physical therapists than I can count, Danielle is absolutely hands down the best there is! She has given me a new lease on life. My  headaches, neck, back, hip and foot problems have vastly improved. I literally schedule my life around seeing her for maintenance. Without her expertise I would be addicted to pain pills and unable to perform daily functions."
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